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Our passion to carry out the client's vision and provide an environment that allows our team to succeed is at the core of our existence. At Kahn, we're celebrating over 120 years of excellence in architecture, engineering, planning, design and management.

Packard Plant Ground Breaking

May 16, 2017 marked the Ground Breaking of the Administration Building, one of Albert Kahn Architect’s most acclaimed sites. Albert Kahn Associates, Inc. is the Architect of Record for Arte Express' transformation of the historic Packard Plant Site.

Albert Kahn was originally commissioned by Henry B. Joy, President of The Packard Motor Car Company, in 1903 to build a new manufacturing plant on East Grand Boulevard in Detroit. His innovative concept of providing a multi-story hollow square with windows on all eight sides allowed the manufacturing process to flow around the square flooded in natural daylight, creating operational cost and energy savings, as well as a bright and cheerful environment for the workers. This new style of factory replaced the dark workshops of the current factory environments of that era. Again in 1905 Albert rocked the world on the famous Plant 10 with an improved building design implementing reinforced concrete. This reinforced concrete system, that Albert’s brother Julius had perfected, allowed structural spans to increase, resulting in more open space and flexibility for the manufacturing processes. Meanwhile it also created safer environments, by eliminating the fire hazard of oil soaked wooden structures, typical in the manufacturing environments. This was the first time reinforced concrete was used in automotive manufacturing. These innovations forever transformed factory design across the country and around the world.

Even today, Albert Kahn Associates continues providing innovation in design and engineering to create places that are functional, flexible, efficient, safe and provide a wonderful environment for the people who use them.

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